Vadim Trincher, the professional poker player, is demanding $6 million in damages after the mildew in his apartment in Trump Tower allegedly destroyed his custom-made wall panels and wrecked his wife Elena’s health.

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On Friday, the Trincher couple sued for damages at the Manhattan Supreme Court. They claimed that the mold has completely destroyed their luxurious apartment, which is located on the sixty-third floor of Fifth Avenue in New York. The couple also claims that this happened after the duplex on the floor above was renovated. This duplex belonged to Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, who sold it following their divorce of 2000.

The Trincher couple had purchased the three-bedroom condo for $5 million in 2009. However, it was only last October when their maid discovered mold in three inches of water in a closet in the guest room. Alexander Shapiro, Trincher’s legal representatives, told New York Daily News, that the mold had been growing for the past several weeks, but was discovered much later.

The Trinchers say that a valve had broken in one of the bathrooms in the duplex on the floor above, adding that the contractors had reported the leak to the managers of the building. According to the lawsuit, the mold has destroyed the couple’s expensive silk wall panels in the living room and the guest room.

The wall panels had been custom-made for their apartment and replacing it is impossible, stated Mr. Shapiro. The water leaking from the apartment above has also destroyed the couple’s silk carpet, a rare item that costs $150,000. Besides, the mold has destroyed silk wall panels worth $5 million.

Elena Trincher has also complained that the mold has given her respiratory problems. Owing to the destruction allegedly caused by the mold, the couple had to cancel a fund raiser event that they had decided to hold in their apartment last year. The event was meant to have raised funds for the presidential campaign of Newt Gingrich.

The couple has sued the condominium association and Hunter Roberts Construction, the building contractor. The two parties have refused to make any comments.

Donald Trump had developed Trump Tower back in the eighties and the Trincher couple moved into their apartment, which sprawls over 3,073 square feet, after purchasing it for $5 million, $1 million less than its actual price. Trincher could afford this apartment after winning $731,000 in a live poker tournament held in Connecticut.

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