Phil Galfond has come a long way from what started with sit and go tournaments in 2004 to playing cash games on Full Tilt and Pokerstars under the handle of OMGClayAiken or MrSweets28. Galfond has had a lot of success playing online poker as well as live poker. He has won more than $2.3 million in live poker prize money and accumulated a wealth of experience during his journey.

Galfond has had numerous offers in the past to team up with online poker training websites and work as a senior coach. However he has turned down all these offers and runs his own training site; he also features on other training sites like and He has also won 2 World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets and his total career prize money is in excess of $10 million.

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The poker pro also has the talent to write and break down poker strategies and make it simple for amateur poker players to follow. Out of the many articles written by him, ‘G-Bucks’ is regarded by many as the best poker article. Successful in playing high stake cash games and running his own training website, Galfond recently posted on his blog that he plans to extend his bounds by opening his own online poker room linked to his training site.

Galfond who was the most successful online poker player in history as of May 2011, has the passion and dream to make his online poker room better than what is currently out there in the industry. His post titled “A poker site should” shows that he feels there should be additions and subtractions in the field and his poker room will definitely be different.

In a statement, Phil Galfond speaking about online poker rooms said, “It should value the casual player for the money he’s willing to put on the line to play a game he loves. For choosing poker over other hobbies, and for choosing their site over other sites. It should value the enthusiast and semi-professional for the liquidity they provide and for growing the game. For spreading the word, across different mediums, about their favorite site. It should value the professional for embodying the dream that brings so many people to poker.”

It is clear that Galfond understands the industry better than most as well as the risks involved but he believes that he has the right team for his new venture. He has been working on this for a long time and promises to give it his best shot.

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