Paul Carr, a 34-year-old professional poker player, lost around €279,000, which he had obtained by associating with criminals.

Carr finished second in the Paddy Power Irish Open 2010’s NL Hold’em tournament and won a large six-figure prize of €312,600. But it has turned out that the €36,000 and the €242,230, which law enforcement agencies had seized, were obtained from criminal activities and not through playing poker, as Carr had claimed.

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In 2010, Carr, who had already been indicted on 23 counts, managed to beat Tony Cascarino and Teddy Sheringham, both retired soccer players; Ken Doherty, the snooker star; and Reggie Corrigan, a former rugby player, to win a large prize of over €300,000. A resident of Limerick, Carr celebrated his poker success with friends such as Kieran Ryan, a notorious local criminal. Later, he was invited on The Late Late Show, in which Ryan Tubridy interviewed him.

Carr’s troubles began on August 20, 2011 when the Limerick divisional drugs unit discovered a bag full of cash in a car it had stopped just outside the city. The unit officers seized a total of €242,230 and arrested the driver. When they were interrogating the driver, Carr, along with the driver’s brother, arrived and claimed that the money was his. He claimed he had won more than €400,000 placing bets on soccer matches and horse racing and playing poker and also produced a witness statement to prove his claims.

Later that year, the drug unit officers seized €36,000 while raiding a house. Once again, Carr appeared on the scene, claiming that the money was his and that he had given it to a friend for safe keeping as he did not have any bank account. The officers became suspicious as his winnings of the 2010 poker event had been deposited in a bank account.

In September, a case was filed to claim that the €36,000 seized on the second occasion was obtained through criminal activities. Although Carr appealed the case, the High Court ruled in the state’s favor. Carr lost the other amount of €242,230 when Judge Carrol Moran of the Limerick Circuit Criminal court ruled that it was obtained through criminal activities. Owing to the court’s rulings, the state can keep the money.

In Jan 2013, Carr had to pay a fine of €2,500 for taking cocaine and driving through the city. He was also ordered not to drive for the next four years.

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