Daniel Negreanu, the professional poker player, said that he was leaving the NBC Heads Up Poker Championship (NHUPC). The poker player tweeted about his decision on his Twitter page and promised that he will explain his reasons for deciding not to take part in the NHUPC later.

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As promised, Negreanu supplied reasons for his decision through a video uploaded on YouTube. The poker player stated that he is fond of the NHUPC and is happy that it is back after a one-year break. His only reason for withdrawing from the event was a prior commitment. Giving further explanations, he said, “I promised some friends who need me, need my support, need me to be there for them this weekend.”

Stating that his friends wanted him to take part in the NHUPC, he said that he did not want to put poker before his friends. The poker player got very emotional as he said, “I’ve looked back at my life and the amount of times where I’ve made a poker tournament a priority over my friends and my family…I promised my friends that I was going to be there for them and I want to be there for them. And I look back and I think like in a year from now, if I look back and say, ok, well I missed the NBC Heads-Up, you know, I could’ve won that thing. It would’ve been awesome for a lot of my goals, the GPI and everything like that, but in the same token when I compare that to skipping out on my friends when I can share an experience with them and really be there for them, I don’t know if I can forgive myself for that anymore.” He further added that he had thought it would be a difficult choice, but it turned out to be very easy.

Throughout the 8-minute video, Negreanu talked about how he put poker ahead of anything in the past, as a result of which he had to push people away, but that he now intended to be committed to his friends and “hang out with them this weekend.” He also expressed his desire to become a good father and husband.

In conclusion, he said, “Not to make a bigger deal of it than it was, it really was as simple as I’m just choosing to keep a commitment to friends versus playing a tournament.”

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