Professional poker player Daniel Negreanu has warned aspiring poker pros to be careful about poker books.

Almost every aspiring poker player has read books on poker strategies and on how to improve their game. There is no dearth of poker books in the industry, covering various aspects of playing poker, including strategies, the math behind the game, biographies of poker players, poker success stories, and so on and so forth.

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But Negreanu warns serious players to be careful about poker books because anybody can publish a book on poker if they can find a willing publisher. Authors can claim to be poker experts without any credentials to back their claims. In his latest post on Full Contact Poker Blog, Negreanu says: “There are books on the market today that would actually make you a worse poker player if you followed their advice. There are plenty of frauds out there because there really isn’t a basis to verify an author’s credentials unless they release their personal poker records over an extended period of time.”

While selecting a poker book, one must check the date on which it was published as poker is a game that keeps evolving. For example, players who are looking for the best poker strategies will not find the information they are looking for in a book published ten years back. Thanks to online poker, players’ poker skills and expertise have become much better, and under these circumstances, reading old books on poker strategies is useless.

Negreanu said that books written by successful poker players in 2003 will not give information that will be effective today. Such a book may explain outdated strategies that will not work today. He said: “There are still plenty of books on the market today written by people who simply wouldn’t be winning players today.”

Negreanu also advises players to check out the authors of poker books to ensure that they are getting information from the best sources. For example, authors of poker books focusing on the mental aspects of playing poker ought to have studied psychology and need not necessarily be professional poker players. On the other hand, strategy books ought to be penned by successful professional poker players.

New poker players should also understand that the world’s best pros do not want to reveal all their secrets. According to Negreanu, “many of the best poker books will never be written” as the best players will never reveal their secrets.

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