The World Series of Poker (WSOP), the biggest international live poker event, which draws the best poker players from all over the world, began at the Rio in Las Vegas today.

Players who want to take part in this prestigious event will be glad to get some excellent tips to play at the WSOP from Matt Matros, a former Yale graduate who later decided to play poker for a living. Recently, Matros shared these tips with the Washington Post, and players, especially those taking part in the WSOP for the first time, will greatly benefit from them.

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According to Matros, players can avoid losing their own money by using somebody else’s. Of course, if they do so, they will have to share their winnings with their investors, but Matros says that several professional tournament poker players have no difficulty in finding backers willing to finance their game.

Matro’s second tip is to play as many of the over sixty poker tournaments that the WSOP holds in the course of six weeks. While some WSOP events attract larger player fields and are tougher to win, many attract smaller player fields and are easier to win. He, therefore, advises players to “play the high variance/high value events, but also supplement those events with a lot more events that contain much smaller fields.”

In his third tip, Matros urges players to remember that they are not poker player machines. Speaking of the importance of taking as many breaks as possible, he said that players should eat healthy food and avoid partying.

Matros also talks about taking up the challenge of playing one-to-one poker. Referring to the WSOP’s single $10k heads-up tournament, he said that it has a small enough field to give talented players the chance to win a WSOP bracelet. Matros feels that playing poker heads-up is “much more fun” than playing with many players at a regular table.

The poker pro also urges players never to leave without taking part in the WSOP’s $10k NL Texas Hold’em Main Event in spite of its “huge field” and “insanely high variance.” Although no main event participant can have hopes to profit from it in their lifetime, players must play this event not just for the invaluable experience, but also for the golden opportunity to be titled “The World Champion.” He said: “Besides, even for crusty veterans like me, the Main Event is still the most thrilling poker game around.”

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