When he became the finalist of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2013 Main Event, Mark Newhouse had a stack with 7.35 million chips. This year, he will have a much bigger stack when Day 6 of the WSOP 2014 Main Event, an NL Texas Hold’em tournament with a buy-in of $10k, begins at the Rio on Sunday noon.

Early on Sunday, Newhouse finished with a stack of 7.4 million chips. He is now looking forward to becoming the first player since 2008 to reach the final table of the WSOP Main Event twice. In 2013, Newhouse finished in the ninth place. Speaking about his current situation, he said that his position now is much better than what it was last year. While he was chiefly focusing on “just getting through every day” last year, he is “really in position to accumulate a lot more chips and run people over” this year.

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Early on Sunday, the WSOP 2014 Main Event action boiled down to 79 players. The Day 6 action will begin with Kyle Keranen as the holder of the second biggest stack of chips (6.67 million) and Scott Palmer as the holder of the third largest stack (6.595 million). At break time on Sunday, Newhouse had a total of 8.269 million chips, some of which he lost during the last hour of the game.

Dan Harrington was the last player to reach the WSOP Main Event final table twice before 2008. He did it once in 2003 and again in 2004. Now, Newhouse hopes to repeat the achievement.

Meanwhile, Maria Ho has once again turned out be the last female poker player who is still in the game. However, she will begin Day 6 with the shortest stack of 435,000 chips. In 2007, she finished in the 38th position.

Day 5 began with five female poker players in the field, but Mikiyo Aoki busted when the last hand was being played. Although Aiko had 3 million chips in her stack, she ran into tough times during the last three hours of the game. The chips in her stack reduced to 500,000, but she build it up to slightly more than one million before getting eliminated.

The holders of the top ten biggest chip stacks are Mark Newhouse (7,400,000), Kyle Keranen (6,670,000), Scott Palmer (6,595,000), Bruno Politano (5,475,000), Andoni Larrabe (5,470,000), Dan Smith (5,360,000), Dan Sindelar (5,240,000), Tony Ruberto (5,235,000), Iaron Lightbourne (4,975,000), and Leif Force (4,745,000).

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