Poker pro Maria Ho is without a doubt one of the most popular female poker players on the circuit as Ho has not only raked up $1.7 million in career prize money but has also featured in reality shows such as the Amazing Race giving her a lot of exposure all over the world. She has been the last woman in two World Series of Poker Main Events and will now gain more attention as she has been selected to be the manager of the L.A Sunset Team in the Global Poker League (GPL).

Ho is excited about the first ever GPL and believes that this new attempt by Alex Drefyus, the CEO of Mediarex Sports and Entertainment, the parent company of the GPL will increase the popularity of poker throughout the world and said it could turn out to be similar to e-Sports.

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The GPL is about to launch its first ever Draft Day on the 25th of Feb at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills and Ho will be present to see if she can get her pick of players to build a strong L.A Sunset team. There have been some speculations that Ho might look to target female poker players or go after poker players who have exposure to media in an attempt to promote women in poker and also her team in the process.

Ho however stated that while she does have a lot of friends in the poker industry, she is not going to let her friendship blur her vision for the team. She will leave her personal bias and friendships aside when she steps in for Draft Day and look to make smart decisions that will strengthen her team and give it a robust all-round look.

In a statement, Ho said “I’m doing a lot of research and trying to think outside of the box. I think I have a sound strategy going in to the draft. I have some ideas, but you know how drafts go, you can’t bank on getting everyone you want so I’m trying to prepare for a variety of outcomes and possibilities.”

Ho stated that since she was from L.A and well known in the poker community, she was offered the opportunity to coach the L.A. Sunset team and it was an offer she could not refuse as it allowed her to be part of the first ever GPL and the chance to possibly create poker history.

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