Liv Boeree has become one of the most famous female poker players in the world ever since she won €1,250,000 at the European Poker Tour Sanremo Main Event in April 2010. Boeree who is a member of Team PokerStars Pro Boeree also manages the Global Poker League team ‘The London Royals’.

In her most recent interview with Linch Zhang from The Huffington Post, Boeree opened up about her poker career and her charity called Raising for Effective Giving (REG) which she founded in 2014. Initially, the foundation was functioning exclusively within the poker industry. However, now they are trying to spread the message to the wider public, as they have achieved an efficient ratio of startup running costs to the amount of funds raised.

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Boeree stated that REG was based on the philosophy of effective altruism, which is all about finding the best approach to alleviate suffering. She explained that, this approach was very scientific, open and unbiased and thus aided in finding the best form of intervention. Boeree added that even though she still plays poker to supplement her income, she is spends most of her time raising money for charity.

Furthermore, she explained that though a number of dedicated research organizations exist within the competent altruism community to evaluate which interventions/charities are the most effective, REG accomplishes two things: it fundraises specifically for the highest  recommended charities and also propagates the “effective giving” principle to the public.

The Poker Pro also shared that the foundation raises funds for various deserving charities in the areas of animal welfare, poverty alleviation and future suffering prevention,  such as, The Sentience Politics for animals, Foundational Research Institute (FRI) for the far future and The Against Malaria Foundation for poverty.

In a statement, Boeree said “While I still love travelling and playing poker from time to time, after 7+ years on the road it’s no longer as satisfying as it once was by itself. I’m just really happy to have found a way to combine the game I love with actually doing something really helpful for the wider world.”

Boeree expressed that she was encouraged by the support they’ve received from within the poker industry, particularly the poker media, which has been very keen on helping to spread their message and a number of very high profile players who have given interviews about their reason for donating and why the cause resonates with them. She added that a number of businesses within the industry have also supported them and that there was plenty of scope to improve as poker is a billion dollar industry with a numerous fundraising opportunities.

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