Linda Johnson, who has been inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame, says that she loves teaching people how to play poker more that playing the game itself. Having played poker for an estimated 600,000 hours, Johnson knows the ins and outs of the game and is therefore the best poker teacher a new player can have. She says: “It’s better to make a tight fold than a loose call, that should be your mantra. Write that down.”

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Johnson, along with her partner Jan Fisher, who also happens to be a champion poker player, taught 18 poker players in a small room in a building along Highway 14 – 16. The 18 students listened in rapt attention, took down notes, and even asked tough questions every now and then. Three poker tables were arranged in the room so that the 18 could learn how to play poker.

All the 18 are members of a poker club called Gillette Card Club, who paid $150 each so that the best poker pros could visit them and teach them the secrets of playing poker successfully.

Fisher and Johnson are both residents of Las Vegas. Although they take up poker strategy classes regularly in Las Vegas, they leave Las Vegas several times per year to conduct workshops on how to play poker professionally.

The Gillette Card Club had requested the two pros to conduct a six-hour poker course for them, and during those six hours, they learned about betting techniques, playing aggressively, the best hands to play, patience while playing poker, and so on. According to Johnson, “being aggressive is important but not if you’re maniacal.” She also advised the club members to “play hands with big cards: ace, king, big pairs, things like that.”

The Gillette Card Club takes playing poker seriously. Fisher and Johnson called the small room equipped with three poker tables “labs,” a place where members play poker and share strategies. Impressed by their poker gaming skills, Johnson said: “I was pleasantly surprised by the skill level.”

It all began six months back when Linda Nelson and Doug Norton, members of the Gillette Card Club, met Fisher and Johnson on a card player cruise. They found out that Fisher and Johnson enjoy giving poker classes and invited them to give the club members a six-hour poker course. They considered it a good idea to invest not only in one another, but also in the game they all loved playing.

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