Katie “hotjenny314” Dozier is one of The Grindette, a group of four professional woman poker players who moved to Mexico from the US to continue playing online poker. She majored in creative writing in Florida and began playing online poker in 2004, after which she went to Washington and took French cooking classes while simultaneously working on improving her poker game. She is the wife of Collin Moshman, professional poker player and writer, who has published several books on poker. Dozier has not only edited her husband’s books, but also co-authored two books with him.

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PokerNews recently interviewed Dozier and asked her about playing online poker, moving to Mexico, and so on. When asked about the origins of her poker career, she shared, “The first time I ever played poker was actually by accident. I went over to a friend’s apartment and all the guys were playing poker and one of the guys told me to join the girls in the next room, who were all watching Sex and the City. Although I’m a fan of girly TV, the idea of trying to outwit all the guys sounded more fun than watching reruns. After that night, I was hooked and started out by reading the Harrington on Hold ‘em series. I deposited a small amount on Paradise Poker as I learned to beat the game while playing in my sorority house.”

Speaking about being a woman online poker player, she said, “Online, I’m pretty genderless, despite my female moniker, and I’ve learned that that means I have to make adjustments playing live versus some opponents.”

Regarding her choice of online poker games, she said, “My competitive nature means that I’ll always prefer tournaments to cash, although I do play both live. Online I play mid-stakes MTTs and MTT SNGs, and average 15 tables.”

When asked about her views on Full Tilt Poker, which was recently re-launched in the international market, she said, “I’m very excited to play on FTP again, particularly the 90-man bounty tournaments. I enjoy mixing MTT SNGs with MTTs because it reduces the variance, and I love bounty tournaments!”

Dozier finished in the 451st position in the WSOP 2012 Main Event and collected a prize of $24,808. Speaking about her poker plans for the future, she said, “I want to continue to improve and become a better player … I also want to combine my love of travel with playing live poker in more exotic locales.”

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