Online poker pro Blair Hinkle won a seven-figure amount playing an online poker tournament, the 11th player in the history of online poker to achieve such a feat, just two months before April 15, 2011, a day commonly referred to as the “black Friday” of online poker. Hinkle was the runner-up of the Main Event of the FTOPS XIX, collecting a breathtakingly attractive prize of $1,162,949.75.
Poker News Online spoke to Hinkle on the first anniversary of Black Friday. During the interview, Hinkle said that he wanted to take a complete break from poker tournaments after WSOP, owing to which he moved to Missouri so that he could learn and play live cash games. However, he admitted that his performance as an online poker player is far better than his performance as a live poker player.
Regarding his reaction to the events of Black Friday, Hinkle said that he did not panic when he first heard the news, but began to worry a bit when he was unable to login to his PokerStars and Full Tilt accounts. The player, however, decided to stay back in the US because he “did not want to give up his life for poker.”
Admitting that the events of Black Friday have changed his life, although not drastically, he explained that he was more a recreational player, playing just a couple of days per week. He also said that live cash games are not like online poker tournaments, adding that live cash games just do not interest him as much as online poker tournaments used to. Simultaneously, he said that doesn’t miss online poker that badly.
The poker player also told Poker News that FTP has sill no not paid even a single dollar of the seven-figure amount he won playing the Main Event of FTOPS XIX. When he realized that he could withdraw $8000 thrice a week, he did it for a couple of weeks and stopped because the bank was charging him $50 per transaction. Later, he got a message stating that none of the withdrawals could be processed. Hinkle stated that it was only a “positive attitude” that helped him come to terms with the fact that his money might be lost forever.

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