The email and the PokerStars accounts of professional poker player Daniel Negreanu, who is a member of Team PokerStars Pro, were hacked by an unknown person recently. The hacker made merry at the high-stakes tables of PokerStars using Negreanu’s poker money, as a result of which the online poker player lost $61,000. Negreanu recently posted on his blog about this hacking incident.

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Negreanu also posted a tweet on Twitter shortly before he left Melbourne, which stated, “Important: Do NOT send me any emails the account appears to have been hacked. Just landed in LA nice news.”

The hacker gained access to Negreanu’s online poker account at PokerStars and splashed Negreanu’s cash on the high-stakes tables of PokerStars. Speaking about it on his blog, the online poker player said, “I got the news back pretty quickly that the hacker did get into my account for a joyride. Something I’ll never understand. He didn’t dump money to any one specific player, he kind of just sprayed my money around several tables, ultimately losing $61,000 of my money. Not entirely sure why he didn’t empty my account, but I’m thankful that he didn’t.”

Chances are that Negreanu will not get his money back. According to the terms and conditions at PokerStars, the online poker company will not reimburse players if their email account is hacked, even if the player happens to be part of Team PokerStars Pro. Since Negreanu’s email account was hacked and PokerStars was not responsible for it in any way, Negreanu will just have to bear the loss.

According to Negreanu’s tweets and blog post, he was on his way from Melbourne to Los Angeles when he realized that his PokerStars account has been hacked. The professional poker player had been to Australia to participate in the Aussie Millions.

The hacker had found his way to Negreanu’s KidPoker account and found a grand sum of $100,000 in it. He played around 400 hands at the high stakes tables of PokerStars and lost around $46k of the bankroll. Naturally, PokerStars players who knew KidPoker’s style well began smelling a rat and began discussing KidPoker’s recent losses on Two Plus Two Poker. Later, Negreanu responded to these posts, stating that the hacker has indeed wrecked him reputation.

Despite the user agreement, PokerStars is determined to refund Negreanu. Meanwhile, players are advised to either use a RSA token to protect their accounts or just lock them.

TightPoker Staff

TightPoker Staff