Poker Pro Daniel Dvoress has won over $1.5 million in career prize money based on the Hendon Mob but has managed to keep a rather low profile over the years. Dvoress along with Isaac Haxton, Daniel Negreanu and Dani Stern met with senior Amaya Gaming executives earlier this year to discuss the PokerStars VIP bonus policy changes that upset thousands of players.

While the meeting wasn’t very successful in getting PokerStars to roll back its policy changes, the meeting did put Dvoress in the spotlight. Dvoress recently opened up to Davy in an interview and shared how he started playing poker in high school and fell in love with the game. He pursued a university program in psychology and took on a lot of student loans to complete the program. In the end, he played a lot of poker in order to pay back his student loans and found that he could make a career out of it.

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Dvoress has had a good start to this year finishing in 6th place at the PCA $50,000 No Limit Hold’em – High Roller 8-Handed event and won $235,460. He also finished in 7th place at the $ 100,000 No Limit Hold’em – Super High Roller 8-Handed event and won $286,920 in prize money.

Dvoress credits his success to his personal desire to succeed and keep getting better. Unlike most players, he is not motivated by goals such as earning a million dollars or being in the list of the top 10 players in the world. He has a desire to study math and philosophy as he believes it helps him in his decision making process.

Dvoress said  during the interview “I developed a genuine interest in the game, and was fascinated by how things learned through poker can be applied to other facets of life. Poker helped me develop rationality and got me to intuitively understand just how much luck and variance there is in all aspects of life – whether it be getting that job opportunity or meeting your significant other. Through poker, I’ve learned to embrace that”.

Dvoress advice to the younger generation is to listen to people who are more experienced and realize that only few things count in life – health and family being two of them. Dvoress did not encourage people to pursue a career in poker but instead asked them to be willing to follow their passion as it was the only way for them to be happy at what they do in life.

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