Canadian poker pro Daniel Dvoress has shown that it is indeed possible to win millions of dollars playing poker without winning any events. The Hendon Mob shows that Dvoress has accumulated $6.1 million in career prize money and is ranked 11th in Canada’s all-time money list. That achievement is incredible when you consider that Dvoress has never finished first at any tournament he has played in.
The Master Of Finishing In Second To Seventh Place
Dvoress has been so successful over the years because he has made it a habit of finishing between second and seventh place in most of the events he plays. He has shown a preference for playing high stake events in recent times and has had an excellent year in 2017.
Dvoress has won over $3.8 million in 2017 but has still not managed to break the jinx of him being able to finish as the winner. The Toronto native isn’t too concerned about not finishing in first place but is happy with his performance and final results. He does not feel any pressure of having to win and recently joked that he was the master of finishing in second to seventh place.
He has had seven 6 figure cashouts in 2017 so far. He started the year by playing the PokerStars Championship (PSC) Bahamas and won $576,300 after finishing in 4th place at the $100,000 Super High Roller and another $125,900 after finishing in 8th place at the $50,000 High Roller. He played the PSC Panama and came very close to winning his first event but ended up finishing in second place winning $372,360.
Dvoress had great success at the PSC Monte Carlo and went on to win three high roller events. He won $908,595 after finishing 3rd at the €100,000 Super High Roller; another $710,108 after finishing second at the €50,000 High Roller and another $108,998 after finishing in 7th place at the €25,000 High Roller. His last major win was in October at the ACOP Macau when he finished in 4th place at the HK$800,000 Super High Roller and won $766,114.
Dvoress Not Interested In Playing WSOP Events
Dvoress has found a working formula on the poker circuit and that is to travel extensively playing high stake poker games across the world. However, the World Series of Poker (WSOP) which is the biggest poker tournament in the world has not been on his agenda.
The Toronto poker pro says that he prefers to skip the WSOP because he does not like the heat in Las Vegas and prefers to take a break and enjoy Toronto during this time. Dvoress has spent a whole lot of time at airports and in airplanes during 2017 but is not complaining, given the fact that he has done so well. The other reason why he prefers to avoid playing high stake events at the WSOP is because of how the tax laws work for Canadians in America.
Dvoress is looking forward to 2018 but admits that he does not have any specific plans in terms of what tournaments he is going to play each month. He will play at most of the top poker tournaments such as the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) in Jan, the PCA Barcelona in October and will also head over to Macau before the end of the year.
Dvoress Finding It Hard To Count The Money He’s Making  
Traveling and playing high stake poker tournaments all over the world can be gruelling. Dvoress enjoys the grind and the travel but admits that it leaves him with very little time for him to count his money and stay on top of his accounts.
In a statement, Dvoress said “I do accounting to know how much money I have, but usually, it’s done like two months after an event, summing up the last two months of play. I know what pieces I take of myself in tournaments and which tournaments I’ve played of course, but it doesn’t influence what I’m going to play.”
2017 WSOP Champ Scott Blumstein recently said that he was not interested in playing high stake game as the competition was fierce and it was very difficult to win. Dvoress has the opposite approach stating that high stake action is probably the only niche in poker that has continued to gain momentum and he will continue to play these high roller events in 2018.

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