Bill Perkins holds many titles such as entrepreneur, high stakes poker player, hedge fund manager and prop bet maker. The 49 year old Perkins has a reputation for making some outlandish prop bets over the years which include getting Antonio Esfandiari to agree to lunges during the 2016 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and putting down $600,000 to dare Instagram King Dan Bilzerian to cycle from L.A to Las Vegas in 48 hours.
Perkins Gets Into Unique Prop Bet With Staples Brothers
Perkins came up with yet another unique prop bet in 2017 when he dared Jaime and Matt Staples to reach the same weight within a 12 month period. The bet was unique because when Perkins issued the dare, Matt Staples weighed just 134 pounds and Jaime Staples weighed 304 pounds. They were given odds 50:1 where they would have had to forfeit $3,000 if they did not make the same weight and stand to gain $150,000 if they managed to make the same weight.
The Staples brothers wasted no time in accepting the bet as they realized it was a win-win situation for them. They decided to do their best to make the weight and realized that even if they failed, they would have still managed to have made improvements to their overall health.
Jaime Staples Makes Huge Changes To His Lifestyle
The biggest challenge was to get Jaime to start losing all of those extra pounds and that called for immense dedication and commitment. His brother Matt decided to put on a few pounds to bridge the gap and help them make the same weight within the twelve month period which ended on March 25, 2018.
To make things tougher for the two brothers, they spent their last twelve months living in six countries and traveling extensively to play poker tournaments. They did not let this get in the way of their commitment towards improving their health and getting more fit. Jaime worked with a personal trainer and spent a lot of time learning about nutrition, how to count macros and how to monitor his daily calorie intake. By eating clean and staying committed, Jaime succeeded in losing over 100 pounds.’
Jaime stated that most people who are overweight realize that it is because of poor food choices that they pack on the pounds. They realize that getting in shape has to do 80 percent with diet and 20 percent with exercise. The key to losing weight was to understand how nutrition works and then take that knowledge and implement it consistently.
Jaime And Matt Make Weight And Win Prop Bet
While Jaime lost 100 pounds, Matt decided to bulk up a bit and put on over 50 pounds in the last 12 months. The brothers weighed in on March 25 at the RunItUp Reno event hosted by Jason Somerville in Nevada. The official weigh in saw both brothers come in at 188.3 lbs and in doing so they met the challenge issued by Perkins and won $150,000.
The brothers were thrilled to win the prop bet against Perkins and take home $75,000 each.
In a statement, Jaime said “Trying to win against Bill Perkins, do my best for my brother Matt who has worked equally hard on his side. Show all the people that said we have no chance what is possible. Be a role model for the people that have been rooting us on all year.”
Jaime admitted that while it was indeed nice to win the prop bet and take home a combined $150,000, the overall process was life changing and the lessons learned are worth a lot more than the $150,000. Jaime is very happy with his weight loss and plans to maintain his healthy lifestyle and stay fit. He says that he now feels a lot more confident and finds life to be way more fun.
Perkins Helped Staple Brothers Win The Prop Bet
Bill Perkins was rooting for the Staples brothers to win the prop bet. He was the one who introduced them to personal trainer Mike Vacanti and also inspired Jaime to lose the weight and not give up. Perkins was happy to see that his prop bet pushed Jaime to live a better and healthy lifestyle.
Perkins has yet to issue any unique prop bets in 2018 but with the 2018 WSOP fast approaching, it is very likely that we could be seeing a new prop being issued by the high stakes poker pro.

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