The number of female poker professionals across the world is slowly increasing thanks to the publicity being created by female poker pros starring in reality shows and also due to the fact that they are beginning to make a bigger impact on the live poker circuit.

Some of the top female poker stars who have started in reality shows include Annie Duke who starred in the Celebrity Apprentice, Maria Ho who was featured in the Amazing Race and Vanessa Rousso who appeared in Big Brother.

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The latest female poker pro to appear in a reality TV show is Anna Khait who took part in ‘Survivor’. The 26 year old poker pro is not very well known on the poker circuit but now that Survivor is being aired in 2016 has been gaining a lot more attention both on and off the poker circuit.

Khait started playing poker when she turned 18 and spent a lot of time watching online poker videos and games that helped her understand the final tables better. Once she turned 21, she used to drive from Brooklyn to Atlantic City to take part in small buy-ins playing no-limit hold’em. During her first week she went on to win $2,000 and from then on kept studying the game hard and taking part in small tournaments to gain experience.

She decided to become a full time poker player even though she knew that the journey would be hard. She has so far won only $11,000 on the live poker circuit but believes that she now has a lot more experience and strategy to make a bigger impact on the poker circuit. Khait is excited over the fact that PokerStars will be launching in New Jersey before the end of March as it will give her the opportunity to play online poker and bring in more money.

In a statement, Khait said “People have been talking about PokerStars for a very long time. I thought there was a chance they would never come back [to the U.S.]. I told my parents that I was going to go to Costa Rica, but when I told them PokerStars was coming here they were like, ‘Thank god you are staying here.’ Obviously it’s only in New Jersey for now, but it’s a step in the right direction. I would really like it to be nationwide”.

Khait is also looking forward to the 2016 World Series of Poker tournament which will be held at the Rio in Las Vegas and she wants to play as many live events as possible and see if she can win one of the prestigious WSOP bracelets.

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