The World Poker Tour (WPT) will host its popular WPT Five Diamond Poker Classic from Dec 5 – 10, at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada. The WPT hosts some of the top poker tournaments across the world each year but the WPT Five Diamond is considered a flagship event for the company.
This is because the WPT Five Diamond was the first event that the company launched in 2002 and the Main Event has continued to be one of the most popular events in U.S. poker history over the years. The $10,400 Main Event is expected to attract all of the top poker players in the world and there will be millions in guaranteed prize money to be won.
Poll Shows Players Want Entries To Be Limited
This year’s WPT Five Diamond Main Event will follow the usual format of allowing multiple re-entries as this enables the organizers to raise the guaranteed prize pools and also take in more revenue for the house.
Well known poker pro Allen Kessler put out a poll on the WPT Five Diamond Main Event to check whether poker players were in favour of the current format or wanted a change. The poll gave players the option of voting for having a Main Event with a Freezeout – which means one entry only; One re-entry or unlimited entry – which is the confirmed format for the Main Event.
Kessler’s poll had a total of 623 votes and the majority of them (over 50 percent) wanted the Main Event to be based on a Freezeout, 39 percent were in favour of one re-entry and only 11 percent agreed with the unlimited entry format.
Kessler Wants WPT To Change Format Due To Public Demand
Kessler is an accomplished poker pro who has won more than $3.5 million in career prize money according to the Hendon Mob. His accomplishments on the felt are pretty impressive with 54 World Series of Poker (WSOP) cashes, 3 WSOP Europe cashes and 50 WSOP Circuit cashes. His WPT record is not that impressive but he has still finished in the money on 23 occasions and made it to the final table on 5 occasions.
Kessler has spoken out in the past against tournament structures and using his poll results, he has called on the WPT and the Bellagio to make a change to the WPT Five Diamond Main Event structure.
In a twitter post, Kessler tweeted “Allowing unlimited reentry caters to 20 or 30 high roller specialists with unlimited resources. It may seem like this policy creates more revenue for the house, but I truly believe capping at 1 reentry will get the same if not higher attendance.”
He said that the average poker pro finds it a big deal when they manage to beat players like Daniel Negreanu and Brian Rast. However, when you have an unlimited entry format, then these average poker players have a massive task before them because they now have to beat the likes of Rast and Negreanu multiple times to get a shot at the final table.
Some Poker Players Disagree With Kessler’s Tweets
There were quite a few poker pros who disagreed with Kessler’s request to change WPT Five Diamond Main Event structure. Poker pro David Baker who has won more than $4.2 million in career prize money was one of those players who felt that was no need for the structure to change.
Baker compared these high-stake poker events to golf courses and said that some courses are tailor made for a special set of players. He said he decided he wasn’t going to take part in the WPT Five Diamond Main Event because it did not suit his style and told Kessler to do the same, if he has a problem with the structure.
With the WPT Five Diamond scheduled to take place in the next 48 hours, it is highly unlikely that the WPT or Bellagio will make structure changes to the Main Event as a number of players have already made arrangements to attend and participate in the event due to the fact that it has unlimited entries.
The 2016 WPT Five Diamond Main Event was won by James Romero who took home $1,938,118.

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