The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the biggest poker tournament on the global calendar and poker pros from across the world fly in to Vegas to play the WSOP as there are millions in guaranteed prize money to be won along with coveted WSOP bracelets. The tournament which runs for close to two months has a number of exciting events where the buy-ins can be pretty expensive for the average poker player.

The 2016 WSOP has been extremely successful as it has drawn record crowds and the WSOP Main Event is currently in the final stages on finalizing the November Nines. This exciting tournament can become exceptionally stressful and gruelling to poker players as the long hours, the fierce competition and the pressure to win can overcome even the best poker pros.

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German poker pro Fedor Holz who had a great run at the WSOP and created a record of winning over $10 million in a calendar year was very candid in admitting that he played too many WSOP events and was mentally drained. However there are a number of other poker players, who are not as popular as Holz who have also suffered from the pressure of the WSOP.

Poker Pro Matt Marafioti came to Vegas in June to play at the WSOP and had two cash-outs in early June that fetched him a little over $10,000. Marafioti is better known for his accomplishments playing online poker than playing on the felt. Marafioti is reported to have disappeared from the WSOP after posting a couple of strange Tweets that make it appear that he had suffered a mental breakdown.  Randy Dorfman, a fellow poker pro has stated that nobody has seen Marafioti after he left the WSOP and has called on the poker community to contact him immediately, should they see Marafioti anywhere.

Nithin George Eapen who resides in Connecticut is a software engineer who plays poker as a side hobby. He has played the WSOP in the past and has had a few cash-outs but has won nothing relatively large. He wanted to attend the 2016 WSOP and see if he could cash-out in a big way but ended up suffering a heart attack during the tournament and caused his family great concern. He was operated on and a stent was put in to allow more blood flow to occur.

Eapen flew back home to Connecticut but would later convince his wife to allow him fly back to Vegas to take part in the WSOP Main Event. He gave it his best but in the end was eliminated from the WSOP Main Event.

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