Live video streaming has become so popular today because of its many benefits. It allows audiences to get instant access to their favorite shows, movies, and other video materials without needing to download them, saving memory space on their computer or mobile device. You only need to have a stable internet connection and you’re good to go!
For the streamers and broadcasters, the process allows them to constantly keep in touch with their supporters, enabling them to build a community of like-minded people, sharing knowledge and helping each other out.
This applies to poker, where a lot of professional poker players have now turned to livestreaming to give fans an insight of their gameplay. It has become an avenue for learning and fostering connections within the poker community.
Choosing the right streaming platform plays a vital role in delivering high-quality streams to your fans and followers, and right now, the top choice among streamers is Twitch, a live streaming service launched in 2011.
While the platform was initially designed for streaming video games, it has expanded over the years and is now being used by people streaming different kinds of content, including poker. If you are looking at building a brand as a poker player, you definitely need to get on Twitch and build a loyal following.
Poker Streaming on Twitch
Right now, there’s a long list of poker streamers on Twitch, including some of the biggest names in the game who are running their own channels for multiple purposes – may it be to livestream their games and share their progress to fans, or come up with a more educational content that aims to help beginners understand the game more, or both.
Among the top poker streamers on Twitch are Jamie Staples, Lex Veldhuis, Jonathan Little, Jason Somerville and Jeff Gross. They usually stream their games and along the way explain their strategies and thought process in key spots. Their livestreams offer both entertainment and learning, so if you’re a poker enthusiast as well, you might consider checking out their Twitch channels.
Most streamers on Twitch, including those focusing on poker, use the platform’s stream delay feature, allowing them to increase the amount of time it takes for their audience to access their stream.
However, for those who want real-time interaction with their followers, they have the option to livestream without delay. One of the poker streamers currently enjoying this feature is Evan Jarvis, founder of Gripsed Poker Training. The Canadian poker pro said no-delay streams allow him to provide real-time feedback to his viewers.
No-Delay Streams: Advantages & Challenges
The no-delay feature on Twitch is best for streamers who want direct interaction with their audience. As viewers are able to access the stream in real-time, their questions are answered quickly, strengthening the connection between the streamer and his or her followers. When the streamer livestreams his gameplay, he is able to give instant feedback on certain hands, preserving the “live” element.
While no-delay streams improves community engagement, streamers also encounter challenges when using the feature.
For instance, as the stream is distributed to audiences in real-time, streamers must observe the highest professionalism by being careful about their gestures, words, and language, as anything they say and do will be captured. Additionally, viewers often find it more difficult to follow the action when games are livestreamed without delay.
Despite these challenges, the spontaneous nature of live streaming is what helps establish deeper connections, and it makes the experience even more fun and enjoyable.
How to Build A Strong Community through Twitch Streaming
Like all endeavors, achieving success in streaming takes a lot of hard work and consistency. If you’re a poker streamer looking to increase your viewership, you need to come up with content on a consistent basis, stream more often, and always keep in touch with your followers.
You can also improve engagement through multiple ways, such as hosting homegames with extra prizes, opting for no-delay streaming so your viewers get to enjoy direct and immediate connection and feedback, as well as giving freebies and other giveaways so they stay tuned to your livestreams.

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