Two of the three major online poker sites that were shut down by the Department of Justice on Black Friday have cut a deal with the DoJ to return money to their players. According to the agreement, PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker are facilitating the withdrawal of the funds in their accounts, and are now giving out the money that belongs to the players.

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Preet Bharra, an attorney in Manhattan commented on the situation and stated that their office expects these sites to return money to their players and hence they will also facilitate the same. In any case none of the accounts owned by players were frozen or even restrained. Absolute Poker on the other hand is still to enter into such an agreement with the government of United States.

The two sites that have agreed to the agreement have agreed to the terms that they would not provide for, allow or facilitate players in the United States to engage in playing online poker for real money or anything of that value.

There are several examples of US poker players who made their entire living out of playing online poker and now, all these online poker players now have to find an additional source of income or their only source of income somewhere else. The reason that so many people rely on online poker to earn is that they consider it a game of skill and hence it gives them several chances to win. All these American poker players were devastated at the Black Friday shutdown.

Matt Livingston, a 28 year old professional poker player who had planned to move closer to his family in Colorado from Las Vegas, based this move on the income generated from playing poker. However, now after the events of Black Friday, Matt and his wife may not be moving although their offer for a house in Colorado has been accepted. He has been playing poker professionally since August 2008 and pays all his taxes with the same income. According to him poker is a game of skill, and shutting down major poker sites was a wrong move made by the government. Matt Livingston had more than $40000 with Full Tilt Poker when it was shut down. He is relieved about getting back his money but still unhappy about the turn of events. Since the sites have been shut down Matt has been playing at Las Vegas casinos.

Greg Raymer, who is the winner of the 2004 World Series of Poker main event, is also against the DoJ’s latest decision. Greg is also on the board of directors of the Poker Players Alliance that represents 1.2 million poker enthusiasts in the United States. Their argument is the same; thousands of people make their living playing online poker and it needs to be legalized.

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