Since Black Friday, poker advocates in Washington have been trying to make the best of the situation, they are now using this to push for legalizing online poker in the United States based on the strength and number of poker enthusiasts there are in the country. Poker fans have been calling April 15th ‘Black Friday’, since the day three of the top poker sites have been shut down and their bank accounts around the world, on charges of bank fraud and other gambling offences.

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The Poker Players Alliance, is a lobbying group, which is backed by overseas gaming interests. They have also supported several campaigns for the senate members of the US government. This group has now launched a full-fledged support cry for the legalizing online poker in the United States by placing several phone calls and emails to lawmakers in the last two weeks. Their arguments are against the criminal cases the top three poker sites are charged with. They also stress upon a need for a legalized system to regulate online poker in the US.

This effort has also been gaining increasing support from major casinos in Nevada who are eyeing a new lucrative market for themselves. Poker advocates are stating clear facts regarding the amount that would be earned as revenue if online poker were to be legalized in the United States. This would only add to the funds in Washington.

John Pappas who is the executive director and the chief lobbyist for this group has said that people now realize that a status quo will not work and there has to be a clear legislation for the matter. The problem revolves around the violation of UIGEA 2006 in which the poker companies have been accused of bribing and tricking US banks and other financial institutions to process transactions of millions of dollars from casinos under the pretext of processing transactions of sports merchant sites.

Executives and poker advocates at Caesars Entertainment Corp. and Wynn Resorts suggest that this is a good time to try and establish a legalized system to regulate online poker, which is clearly not going to vanish from the US due to its high popularity.

It is inappropriate for the government to be taking away the incomes of so many people who rely on online poker for money, and it is also inappropriate to say no to the amount of tax revenue that can be generated if this were to be legalized.

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