The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) announced Tuesday that it had achieved an eagerly anticipated goal: its membership numbers have surpassed one million.The timing could not be better, as the poker advocacy group also launched new voter registration program and a political action committee (PAC).

To take advantage of its ever-growing membership, the PPA has started the "If You Play, Have a Say" campaign in order to spur on its members who have never registered to vote.The ultimate goal is to get 100,000 members to register, which would also encourage people to become active in the political process and fight for their right to play poker.

Along with this, the PPA launched its PokerPAC, a political action committee.The PokerPAC will be another weapon in the PPA’s arsenal as it continues its efforts in Washington, D.C.Only dues-paying members of the PPA, along with its board members and employees, may join the PokerPAC.The PAC will be chaired by Alfonse D’Amato (also the PPA’s chairman).Former Congressman Toby Moffett will serve as vice chairman and Annie Duke will be an honorary PokerPAC board member.

D’Amato is proud of the PPA’s growth, saying, "Reaching one million members puts the PPA on par with such political powerhouses as AARP and the National Association of Realtors, and will allow us to advocate even more effectively on behalf of our members."

“Our one million members' voices will be heard.”

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