The US Department of Justice (DoJ) is known for its unfriendliness to the online gambling industry. Only a handful of the innumerable online casinos are actually safe, secure, and reliable. Online players in the US, therefore, need to be very cautious about registering at an online casino, making a deposit, and playing for real money.

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Following the federal crackdown on Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker, and PokerStars in mid-April last year, the DoJ has frozen a number of online poker accounts held by US online poker players. These developments make online gaming very risky for online poker players based in the US.

Owing to the vague and unfriendly gambling laws in the US, a number of online casinos have withdrawn their services from the US market. Although PokerStars players in the US complain that their online poker gaming accounts have been frozen by the DoJ, the DoJ justifies its move by stating that anybody wagering on real money poker games on PokerStars within the US are violating the country’s online gambling laws. The online gaming industry in the US is, therefore, suffering.

Following the federal crackdown of mid-April last year, the DoJ had signed an agreement with PokerStars, according to which the online poker room will not accept real money bets from any US player. The agreement also prevents any player from the US to play real money games. Existing PokerStars players can withdraw existing funds from their PokerStars accounts, but can no longer make any more deposits with the purpose of playing real money games.

Players who try to play real money games on PokerStars by providing a false location will be prosecuted for breaking the terms of the agreement. Players who used virtual private networks to gain access to their real money accounts on PokerStars have been the most affected by the federal crackdown on PokerStars. Although their location is not revealed while playing at PokerStars, it will be revealed when they log out.

PokerStars has made it quite clear that it will forfeit the funds of anybody who plays real money games by providing a false location or any other false information. Players, therefore, are advised to get familiar with the gambling laws of their respective countries before registering at any online casino or online poker room. Players are required to thoroughly research gambling laws and individual online gambling sites before they spend their hard-earned money there.

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