Online poker players worldwide have voiced their opinions about the acquisition of Full Tilt Poker by PokerStars, and here is Ben “NeverScaredB” Wilinofsky’s take on the matter.

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He feels that the acquisition is definitely good for the online poker gaming community because it makes sure that all players get back their money. This will help casual players regain their faith in online poker, although one cannot expect them to completely trust online poker again after making them wait for nearly one-and-a-half years for a refund.

Voicing his opinion about the impact of the acquisition on serious players, he said that many professional poker players had lots of money frozen in their Full Tilt Poker accounts. The acquisition means that this money will now be either withdrawn or used on real money poker play, which in turn means that it is very good for the health of the online poker economy. When Full Tilt Poker is re-launched, poker players will get busy again with online poker tournaments.

He said, “The most obvious way Full Tilt will rebrand itself is by removing Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson et al. They need to distance themselves as much as possible from the thieves in their corporate history. Other than new faces, I expect them to distance themselves as much as possible from the Full Tilt that was called a Ponzi Scheme in the mainstream media. Despite all that, Full Tilt had probably the best, most recognizable campaigns in poker, and I don’t expect Stars to just give up on the brand’s equity. It’s part of what they’re paying for.”

Expressing hopes that Full Tilt Poker will regain its previous glory as part of PokerStars, he said that he does not quite know how it will be successful. Voicing his opinion of PokerStars, he said that it “has historically been the best run poker site by a country mile,” owing to which only PokerStars can be expected to have the ability to restore Full Tilt Poker to its previous glory.

Simultaneously, he admits that players will not be over eager to open accounts at Full Tilt Poker as a simple Google research of the site will show them reports on how Full Tilt Poker was shut down because it cheated on a number of players. While serious players might consider opening real money accounts on Full Tilt Poker as “an acceptable business risk,” casual players might not be that daring, he feels.

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