The sixth version of Poker Office, a software program for poker tracking and analyses, was recently launched. It features a user interface that has been completely upgraded. Besides, there are new graphs and stats, a run-time that is 40 percent faster than the same in previous Poker Office versions, and support for multiple currencies.

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Profit graphs for ring games are now accessible under a brand new overview table. Besides, the software program will display a wide range of good as well as bad profit trends and stats. Players only have to click on them to view more information about them.

Poker Office 6 supports three currency systems—Dollars, Euros, and Pounds. Players can select a currency that best suits their style of gaming and data. Players can also change the “main currency” settings in Poker Office 6 by first hitting the Menu button and then Settings and finally Currency.

When players are playing poker, they can easily align their Poker Office 6 window with their main poker game window. Players can customize this experience further by changing the settings so that Poker Office 6 automatically aligns with the poker cash game window whenever they play poker. Players can also minimize their Poker Office 6 window whenever a new table appears on the screen. Since changes made to the live Poker Office 6 window are automatically saved, players need not make the same changes several times.

Players can view their outs, their hole cards, as well as valuable player statistics right in their Poker Office 6 window, which is aligned with their cash game window. This makes all the required poker information easily accessible to them so that they can use it to make well-informed and lucrative decisions while playing a game of online poker.

Among the hottest features of Poker Office 6 are a real-time HUD, a live game tracking feature, capabilities for intricate graphing, hand re-player, player notes, filterable statistics, display of mucked cards, and odds calculator.

The developers of Poker Office 6 are celebrating the launch of the sixth version by offering a 25 percent discount. The company urges users to input the code PO6-45K2D475H8 while purchasing the product. Users say that they could save nearly $50 while purchasing a lifetime license for Poker Office 6 Omaha and Hold’em as the cost was reduced to $142.14 from $189.52. A one-year license is available for $120, but the discount offer applies only to the lifetime license.

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