The $1 Million Maryland Live Poker Classic will begin on March 10 in the Maryland Live poker room and part of it will be televised on March 24.

Recently, Maryland Live Casino announced that Poker Night in America, the TV show, will film the $1 Million Live Poker Classic Main Event’s final table action. The television crew will stay back after the conclusion of the $3,500 buy-in Main Event to film a couple of cash games played exclusively by specially invited professional poker players, including Greg Merson, the champion of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2012.

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Well-known poker players Christian Harder, who is one of the semi-regular customers of Maryland Live; Gavin Smith, the prominent Canadian professional poker player; and Darvin Moon, the talented amateur player, will also take part in these cash games.

Moon said that he has already taken part in a couple of Poker Night in American tournaments. He said: “I don’t play cash games much. I still view poker as a hobby. Hell, I work hard for my money.”

Maryland Live is the second biggest live poker room in the US, the first being California’s Commerce Casino, which has 52 full poker tables and an endless waiting list. Mike Smith, poker operations director at Maryland Live, says that being shown on TV will be “kind of like our coming out party.” He said: “We’re doing really, really well, but once this is televised, we’ll be out there a little more, more in the public eye.”

The buy-ins for these cash games from $5k to $20k and the producers will be glad to hear from talented poker players willing to participate. Poker players who are above the age of 21 may send an email to

Talking about the cash games, Smith said that they will be more social in nature with little stress and smaller stakes. He said: “We’re looking for entertaining people. It’s a smaller game for some of the pros than they normally play, so they’ll be more engaged because they’re not playing for so much money.”

Harder, who has never taken part in a televised cash game although he has taken part in a televised tournament, said: “With this cast of characters, especially with Gavin Smith, I’m sure it will be a lively, fun table with good action.”

Casino officials say that this is the first time that a Maryland poker event will be shown on TV.