During a time where one would think that an online poker room that still accepts U.S. customers would thrive, one has gone the complete opposite direction. Dynamic Gaming Systems (DGS), most notably (and we use that term loosely) home to WingowsPoker.com, has reportedly closed up shop.

According to SportsBookReview.com, one of the sites on the DGS network, BigJuicyOdds.com (BJO), told it that not only is DGS done, but it is keeping any player and licensee funds that it had on hand. This is especially bad for players at JunglePoker.com, which is owned by DGS, as they will most likely not see any of their money returned. BJO, on the other hand, will be moving its players over to the Dobrosoft (formerly Digital Gaming) network. It will also allow player to move their funds over to its sportsbook if they would like.

DGS’s death should not come as a shock. With barely enough players to fill a handful of tables, it had been a ghost town for some time.


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