“All In” might be the poker movie to set the standards for all future poker movies. It is quite possible that “All In” will do for poker, what 21 did for the game of blackjack. However, All In is not just a poker movie, it is a documentary movie and is being titled All In: The Poker Movie.
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The movie has set up a star studded poker cast that not only includes the likes of world renowned poker professionals and poker players but also features celebrity actors like Matt Damon.
The movie is much awaited by the poker community on account of its starring reputed poker players like Chris Moneymaker, Annie Duke, Phil Hellmuth, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Ira Glass, Frank Deford, Mike Sexton, Thomas “Amarillo Slim” Preston, Kenny Rogers, Daniel Negreanu and many others.
All In: The Poker Movie will be directed by Douglas Tirola and features clips and conversations from these great poker players who sit and discuss their winnings strategy on camera. The movie will also feature clips from renowned poker authors and other poker celebs who have contributed to the poker industry.
The biggest celebrity names on the documentary, sure to attract a lot of attention will be Matt Damon who starred in The Bourne Identity, country singer Kenny Rogers known for his song “The Gambler” and appearances at poker tournaments and finally Ira Glass.
The film features all the famous people sharing their thoughts on one common subject: poker and is expected to interest both poker enthusiasts and non poker fans. All In: The Poker Movie is scheduled to be screened around the US in a few cities like Los Angeles, New York, Denver, Juneau, Tampa, Hartford, Bloomington, Chicago and New Orleans. Players in cities like Cedar Rapids, Wichita, Belfast, Portland, St. Louis, Springfield, Charlotte, Cleveland, Newport, Columbus and several other regions will be able to watch the movie screened in their cities, if they find out about the dates from the movie website.
The movie will be available for HD download and will also be sold as a DVD. Reports and reviews of the movie seem to view it as very interesting and have great expectations for it. After all with its cast and documentary style, it is sure to be entertaining; however, some reviews claim that the documentary is only trying it cast poker in a positive light and speed on online poker legislation.
The film also discusses the events of Black Friday and describes it as a dark day for the community. Some people in the movie even go so far as to compare it to the day of the assassination of John F Kennedy.

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