Gambling is illegal in Mainland China and in recent years Beijing has turned up the heat on games like poker which has caused a number of top operators like Tencent to disassociate themselves from anything poker related.
It is no secret that the Chinese love to gamble and are a much sought after market by casino operators from around the world. Most Chinese gamblers usually take a trip across the border to neighboring Macau which is considered the biggest gambling hub in the world and is home to some of the top casinos.
Poker King Cup Macau
Macau recently hosted the Poker King Cup which was a small tournament that took place at the popular Venetian Macau Resort Hotel. The tournament attracted poker players from all over Asia and a few from other parts of the world as well. Chinese players had a great time at the Poker King Cup and won some of the top events, which bodes well for the Chinese poker market as it provides encouragement to both amateur and professional poker players.
The Main Event for the Poker King Cup had over 500 registrations and a guaranteed prize pool of HK$ 7,536,900. Chinese poker players had a field day at the Main Event and all 8 players to make it to the final table were Chinese. The players who made it to the final table were Wei Ran Pu, Cang Sheng Ni, Jian Dong Yu, Qi Cheng Du, Liang Song, Jun Fang, Yang Wang and Li Yu.
Wei Ran Pu did not have any major success at the poker tables but all that changed at the Main Event. He put together a great strategy, held his nerve and ended up taking down Main Event which was the first major tournament that he has won in his poker career. He received a first prize payout of HK$1,464,000 while Jian Dong Yu who came in second took home HK$ 1,026,500.
A total of 63 poker players finished in the money and it was a fitting end to a successful Poker King Cup.
Chinese Player Takes Down Super High Roller
Chinese players love high stake events as they have shown a tendency at Macau’s casinos to wager big money on a variety of table games. The HK$200,000 Super High Roller was one of top events as there was a lot of guaranteed prize money up for grabs even though the event only attracted 21 players.
Once again a Chinese poker pro dominated the event which saw players from different parts of the world give it a shot. In the end it was Kui Song Wu who won the Super High Roller and took home HK$ 1,720,000 which is the equivalent of $220,000. He beat Taiwanese poker player James Chen who won HK$ 1,017,000. Chinese poker player Ye Wang finished in third place and took home HK$ 704,000. The fourth and final player to finish in the money was Australian Michael Addamo who won HK$ 469,000.
Poker King Club Happy With Turnout
Chinese gamblers have developed a reputation for playing baccarat and poker has always taken a backseat. The 2018 Poker King Cup which took place at the Poker King Club at the Venetian is proof that there is indeed a market for poker in China – provided the game does not get snuffed out by Beijing.
The Poker King Club did not have a lot of time to put together the event and promote it due to a number of restrictions but overall they were happy with the turnout and the results.
In a statement, Winfred Yu, President of the Poker King Club said “The great turn out proves that Macau is still the number one capital of poker in Asia, and the range of buy-ins from HKD 2,000 all the way up to HKD 200,000 satisfies all types of players, from the seasoned professional to the keen amateur, and the entrants have all been happy with the tournament poker on offer this series.”
While poker isn’t going to be the game of first choice for Chinese players, a positive outcome by Chinese players at poker events is bound to boost the small but growing poker market in Mainland China.

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