Even though Danish poker pro Theo Jorgensen decided to pull out of PartyPoker’s Poker in the Sky event, a man with no relation but the same last name was able to pull out a win for the Jorgensen name. On Friday the 22 participants in the event were hoisted into the Copenhagen sky and after four hours it was 24-year old Johannes Jorgensen of Copenhagen who returned back to Earth the champion.
Jorgensen, a journalist, was one of a host of participants in the event, including two local celebrities. While rumors were swirling over the web that it would be internet phenom Tom “durrrr” Dwan and World Poker Tour host and longtime PartyPoker spokesperson Mike Sexton would be the celebrity guests since Jorgensen backed out last week, citing a fear of heights. The rumors proved to be false and it was a contestant from the Danish version of “Survivor” and a Copenhagen radio host who added a little star power to the event.
Poker commentator Jesse May was just one of dozens of people on hand and looking skyward as the match transpired over the course of the evening. He commented to the press on hand about the spectacle of the event. “The idea of a game 50 meters up was spectacular and it was brilliant how the crowds gathered below”, May said. “Congratulations to Johannes, he’ll have quite some story for the World Open. It must have been a great feeling getting pocket rockets in the sky!”
The World Open May is referring to is the upcoming PartyPoker World Open V which will take place in London next month. Jorgensen’s prize for winning the Poker in the Sky event is a package to play in the event which includes the $10,000 buy-in, hotel stay and travel accommodations. The prize is valued at $13,000.
After getting his feet back on solid ground, Jorgensen spoke out about his one of a kind experience. “The fact that the game was high up in the sky certainly added a different element to my play”, he explained. “I’m not at all scared of heights and am a fan of bungee jumping so I targeted players who I thought were keen to get down as quick as possible with aggressive play! In addition, I targeted those who I deduced had less experience. I think there were better players than me on the platform but I kept out of their way as much as possible. The strategy worked.”
While Jorgensen won his way into the World Open V, players who would like to gain entry via a more conventional online satellite still have time to do so through PartyPoker. Qualifiers into the site’s weekly World Open satellites are available for as little as $3.

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