When poker tournament expert Christian “charder30” Harder began playing poker initially, he was studying business at Salisbury University in Maryland. After which, the young American poker expert earned a whopping $2614534 for himself by playing online poker. Harder has also been equally proactive and triumphant in the live realm of poker and has made an earning of $1,866,301 from live tournaments.

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Subsequent to the Black Friday indictments in the poker industry which took place on the 15th of April, Christian Harder thought that his career in poker had come to an end and he now realizes that it is such a blessing to be a successful poker player in both online and offline segments of the gambling industry.

Harder says that he has able to make the transition from online to live tournaments of poker quite smoothly and says “I definitely feel bad for kids like that who have no experience and probably have most of their money tied up. It doubly hurts. Luckily I enjoy live poker and I’ve played a lot of it. I’ve almost been playing all live poker in the last six months anyways.”

Nevertheless, after the shutdown of three of the biggest poker players in the industry, Christian Harder had his concerns about being able to get his funds back which were locked up in tow of the largest online poker sites. He said, “I was in shock. I guess I kind of expected it to come in the future but for it to happen so quickly and so all of a sudden. Things literally unraveled in a matter of hours. It was quite a shock because there was no warning.”

Fortunately, Christian “charder30” Harder mentioned that he had received his funds from PokerStars. However, his funds in Full Tilt are still locked up but he claims that it is nothing compared to what some of his friends are facing.

Hence, considering all these things carefully, the young poker expert has decided to continue his career in poker and has chosen a less precarious path to get his earnings and has also proved to win $155,201 in the World Series of Poker tournaments.

Also, Christian Harder has crossed three whole days of the 2011 main event with a substantial stack of chips whose count is 135,600 and is now in the belief that he will earn himself more praises in this year’s renowned poker event.

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