The Onyx Cup Series, a series of 6 high buy-in and high stakes events, scheduled to run in American, Europe, and Asia, has created a huge buzz in the poker gaming community. Everybody interested in poker is discussing the event at poker forums and blogs; poker pros have posted their critical comments on it and poker writers have given their take on this high-profile live poker event.

The Onyx Cup Series is believed to be the largest poker event ever conceived in terms of buy-ins and prize pools. Players will have to buy-in to these high-stakes tournaments for anywhere between $100k and $250k. The champion will get a slice of a huge prize pool of $30 million, a brand new sports car, and a trophy; and the event will be broadcast all over the world through 40 reputed television networks. The series are scheduled to commence in Las Vegas with a $100k buy-in live poker tournament and end in Las Vegas with a Grand Finale with a buy-in of $250k. Naturally, the event has evoked a lot of interest and criticism.

Poker experts have voiced their opinion that Full Tilt Poker has launched the Onyx Cup Series at the wrong time, when a huge chunk of the world’s population is still struggling to make both ends meet after the economic recession cost them their jobs. Top poker pros playing at high-stakes poker tournaments in a bid to win a slice of $30 million may be viewed in bad taste, opine these experts. However, many others are of the opinion that the event will be extremely challenging for top poker pros, giving them the chance to escape boredom.

The Onyx Cup Series might also create competition and friction between PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, unleashing unwanted politics. Both sites do not take kindly to pro team members who participate in high-stakes tournaments run by rivals. PokerStars might even ban its pro team members from participating in the Onyx Cup Series.

A large number of people in the poker community feel that the Onyx Cup is simply not meant for the average player. It is an event meant especially for the world’s best poker players—those who have a huge fan base and a colossal bankroll and can definitely afford to shell out $100k to $250k as buy-in for these events. Since Full Tilt Poker is running qualifiers for this event, one might expect a few new faces too.

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