The gaming community is becoming more homogenous as popular casino games begin to intermingle with games like World of Warfare and so on. One of the latest developments in this field is that poker players will now be able to play poker on their Xboxes. The game is called Full House Poker and will be available on Xboxes in a few months. Full House Poker brings poker tournaments and Xbox avatars together and is very much like a live poker game that you would see on the television.
Microsoft is ready to take advantage of the popularity of poker games and plans to offer the Full House Poker game as a party game in a tournament form. Players will be able to use avatars to play Full House Poker, namely their Xbox 360 avatars, Microsoft expects the Full House Poker game to be a big hit and considering the success of the 1 vs. 100 with gamers all over the world, it is easy to say that Microsoft may just have something here. The Full House Poker game will surely be a fun and interesting option on the Xbox and may just end up being a great Home Game option for avid gamers who get together for game wars.
Players can now find casino games like poker and blackjack being offered at almost every gaming site online. Simultaneously, online casinos and poker sites are offerings their players a host of instant games and fun to play entrainment based games. Casinos are now basing their slots on popular video games in an effort to draw this community closer.
As of now the Full House Poker game has to compete with twenty nine other kinds of real games and AI games, but is expected to do very well. Although Microsoft is not launching the Full House Poker game for Xbox players as a real money play game, gamers will still get to win prizes such as avatar props, special customizable features and in games goodies. Since the game will be running like a party tournament game, players will be able to find their names on a ranking system.
This poker player ranking system was only recently introduced by Microsoft to Kotaku. Also for those poker players who do not have an Xbox to call their own, they will be able to access the exciting Full House Poker games from their Windows Phone 7. Players will be able to participate in the poker table via their avatars and interact with other players as well.

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