Poker Central, which claims to be first 24/7 online poker network in the world, has signed an agreement with National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC), which has the potential of brining Poker Central to the notice of millions of cable TV viewers.

Launched on Oct 1, 2015, Poker Central was available only to those who have streaming devices. Although it is still available only to the online audience, things may change because of the above-mentioned deal.

Poker Central’s agreement with NCTC is long-term and has the potential to make the network available to over 850 cable providers all over the US.

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Although no cable company has purchased the rights to broadcast Poker Central content from NCTC, Poker Central considers it to be a first step towards getting more viewers. At present, Poker Central is available in 26 countries.

NCTC serves as a middleman between cable companies and TV networks. It enables member cable organizations to gain access to networks such as Poker Central. Sid Eshleman, the chief distribution officer of Poker Central, believes that this non-profit organization can bring the network to the notice of a larger audience.

He said: “We are thrilled that Poker Central is now available to the nearly 900 member companies that contract through the NCTC.”

The deal also includes TV everywhere and video on demand along with standard cable TV programs.

Currently, Poker Central shows a little original content along with re-runs such as Poker After Dark and High Stakes Poker. Recently, Clint Stinchcomb told that the network plans to show some original content during the next year. He said: “Our example is our plans for early next year to begin showcasing live poker weekly. Tune in for more information as it’s announced.”

Recently, Poker Central started broadcasting an original series called Pokerography based on the lives of certain internationally acclaimed poker players such as Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Hellmuth.

Poker Central has not yet announced a program lineup for 2016, but Alex Dreyfus of the Global Poker Index (GPI) hinted that he is willing to bring the Global Poker League to the network and revealed plans of airing GPL content on digital platforms. However, no deal has been finalized and Dreyfus has not even launched discussions with Poker Central.

Since the network has signed a long-term agreement with NCTC, Poker Central may become a cable channel soon, but providers have to first purchase rights to air its content.

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