The internet has made it possible for beginners to learn the fundamentals of poker from the comfort of their own homes, since there is a wide range of poker content available online. Some even take part in virtual training poker workshops to improve their skills.

While amateur poker players and newbies have access to poker videos, podcasts and live streams, there is always something special about going back to reading books. Whether you’re new to poker or want to improve your knowledge about the game, you should consider reading highly rated poker books as they contain a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Some of the most popular poker books are about Texas Hold’em. Here, we list six of the best Texas Hold’em books that will help you understand the game in a simple but informative way.

Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hansen 

Gus Hansen is among poker’s big names. His accomplishments include three World Poker Tour titles, and one World Series of Poker bracelet. He won the Aussie Millions Main Event in 2007. In Every Hand Revealed, Hansen gives you an insight into his winning strategy.

The book provides in-depth hand analysis in different scenarios, and teaches you some key strategies to get ahead of your opponents, such as how to apply pressure, and how to make adjustments during short-handed tables.

Winning Low-Limit Hold’em by Lee Jones

This book by Lee Jones is great for low-stakes cash game players. It helps you understand pot odds, teaches you how to read the board, and provides the fundamental lessons in playing cash games. The book tackles various situations and shares tips on how you can adjust your play according to your position at the table.

A quiz comes at the end of each section to test whether you really understood all the concepts.

Exploitative Play in Live Poker by Alexander Fitzgerald

Some of the world’s most successful poker pros use an exploitative strategy to win.  If you want to be like them, consider reading Alexander Fitzgerald’s book on exploitative play. It will teach you how to manipulate your opponents and turn things to your advantage.

Fitzgerald believes having the ability to force your opponents into making mistakes and bad decisions will allow you to gain a huge advantage over other players, which will ultimately give you positive results. The book focuses on live poker, so if you’re still figuring out how to beat your opponents at your favorite local casino, then this book is for you.

Excelling at No-Limit Hold’em by Jonathan Little

Jonathan Little is another prominent name in the world of poker. In this book, he not only teach from a personal standpoint but also imparts knowledge from other well-known pros such as Chris Moneymaker, Olivier Busquet, Phil Hellmuth, and a lot more.

What makes this book more interesting is that it starts with the basic elements of the game, all the way to the more advanced concepts. If you want to learn from the experts and highly-respected pros, then consider reading this book.

Sit N Go Strategy by Collin Moshman  

If you are into single table tournaments, Collin Moshman wants to guide you through your journey via his book about Sit N Go strategy. We seldom encounter a book that specifically discusses Sit N Go, so this deserves a read. In this book, Moshman breaks down important Sit N Go concepts into low blind play, mid blind play, and high blind play, with tips on how to play different hands according to the environment you’re in.

He also gives advice on choosing the best games, the pros and cons of each game, and how you can make a successful career out of playing Sit N Gos.

Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand at a Time by Eric Lynch

This book is your ultimate guide to winning tournaments. It offers in-depth analysis on key topics such as bluffing and bluff catching, c-betting, multi-way heads-up pots, and making adjustments in short stack and deep stack scenarios.

Reading all these six books will help you get off to a good start.


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