The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) was founded as a non-profit organization back in 2005 serving as an advocacy group for the rights of poker players and the liberalization of the game as a whole. It actively lobbied for online poker during the last 7 years but encountered a number of stumbling blocks which is found had to overcome.
As of today, there are only 5 states in America that have legalized online gambling which some believe in a reflection of the real efforts of the PPA.
Major Changes To Poker Alliance
The PPA found out what poker players in America really through of the organization in 2018 when the organization was going through tough financial times and appealed to players to pitch in and donate. That drew a very poor response and it looked like the PPA was about to come to an abrupt end.
However, help came in the form of Poker Central. The company took over and re-branded the organization in June 2018 turning it into the Poker Alliance. Government relations executive Mark Brenner now leads the Alliance and while no further details were released about Brenner’s connection to the poker community and his experience with the poker, Brenner has done a few public appearances and has made his intentions clear.
He wants the Poker Alliance to once again actively push for the legalization of online poker in America and wants to secure a safe environment where players are protected and can enjoy playing poker at authorized online poker rooms. While Brenner has made a few comments during the first half of 2018, the Poker Alliance has been very quiet with little information emerging regarding its efforts to keep pushing for online gambling to be made legal across the country. The Poker Alliance website stayed the same and there were very few social media posts.
It now appears that the Poker Alliance was quiet during the second half of 2018 because the organization was putting together a new plan which included a revamp to its website and bringing on a new advisory board.
Updated Website and Logo
The New Year is a fresh start for Poker Alliance. The organization has made a number of changes to its website design and logo. Fans and players can now easily sign up for mailing list updates, with the name of its sponsors Poker Central and PokerGo also being clearly displayed on the homepage.
Poker Alliance will once again take up the responsibility for pushing for the legalization of online poker in 2019 and it appears that it has a few initiatives in the pipeline which are yet to be revealed.
New Advisory Board
Perhaps the most exciting surprise about the new website is the Advisory Board section, which displays the faces and names of three prominent poker players. The first name is that of Daniel Negreanu who is considered to be the greatest poker player in the history of the game. Negreanu is a poker superstar and a Poker Hall of Famer with more than $39.8 million in live tournament earnings).
Top poker pro Jason Koon is also part of the advisory board. Koon has more than $23 million in total live tournament earnings and is one of 2018’s highest-earning poker players. Completing the team Maria Ho, one of the world’s top ranked female poker players. She was inducted to the Women in Poker Hall of Fame in 2018.
Negreanu’s does have a lot of experience playing poker as well as campaigning for the legalization of online poker. He was one of PPA’s earliest investors and will make a great advisor to Poker Alliance and will surely help the organization in furthering its advocacy. Koon and Ho may not have much experience particularly when it comes to legal issues involving online poker but their presence on the board is a great representation for poker players in America.
With sports betting and other forms of online gambling legalization gaining momentum in a number of states, online poker has been left on the sidelines. Lobby groups like Poker Alliance must step up their efforts in 2019 to remind state legislators that online poker must also be given approval.

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