Our research here was limited because of the many European languages, but we managed to gather some opinions from British, German and Dutch forums. 

The Brits are very condescending, but they stay mainly at a level of silly, good-humored fun: a private British poker forum is peppered with comments such as “Don't ya just love whippin Yank ass?” 

Northern Europeans are more cerebral in their approach and they use more roundabout ways to question the American poker skill, usually by saying that there are less fish online after the law passed. This, however, can be done at very different levels. 

There is the terse “I don't think anyone will disagree that the UIGEA took a plethora of fish out of the game.”  

Then there is the wildlife lover: “The 40+ redneck has gone the way of the dodo bird (except on weekends). Pre-Neteller cutoff the redneck or on tilt university student was around at midnight EST, post cutoff virtually never. The only bad donks left were Euro-donks that played potlimit.” 

And of course, you will always find the downright taunting: “why d'you think all us over this side of the pond got so sick when that gambling legislation got passed? Cos theres far less of you Yankee Donkfish in the pool to rob!” 

But online poker players are just like a big family – they may have their spats, but they know they cannot live without each other. What’s a little harmless name-calling among friends?   

This is the end of our series on Poker Across the Pond. Hopefully you will now be prepared for any cultural clash when you play online or live against those pesky foreigners, and that after reading all this you will come through like a true diplomat… preferably one with pocket Aces!


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