PocketFives.com is a prominent poker portal that not only ranks and tracks the results of online poker tournaments, but has also established itself as one of the world’s biggest online poker communities. The portal also includes services such as a coaching directory, poker training, and staking. Recently, PocketFives.com announced that it has partnered with the Hendon Mob and the Global Poker Index (GPI) so that players can enjoy the combined benefits of the online tracking data available at PocketFives with the Hendon Mob’s and the GPI’s live poker results.

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Chris Grove, editor and co-founder of OnlinePokerReport.com, recently interviewed Adam Small, co-founder of PocketFives, to find out his opinions about the partnership in particular and the regulated US online poker market in general.

When asked about PocketFives’ choice of Hendon Mob and GPI as partners, Small said that PocketFives had a content-sharing partnership with Bluff Magazine from 2005 to 2007 and that, over the years, the company has partnered with a number of non-English websites and print magazines. He said, “The difference with this new partnership, what makes it bigger and more interesting in my opinion, is that there have been a variety of relevant and semi-relevant ranking sites for live tournaments over the last several years with no one really pulling away as the clear authority. This is finally starting to change with GPI cementing themselves as both an interesting and authoritative site. Their acquisition of Hendon Mob, in my opinion the most important live tournament tracking site, was huge for them. We love the idea of the top authorities in both online poker rankings and live poker rankings working in tandem, and I think we finally have that.”

Talking about the company’s approach to the newly regulated online poker market in New Jersey, he said that PocketFives.com is excited about it as it has members from all over the world and has always appealed to US poker players in a special way. He said that the newly regulated online poker market in the US has given the company an opportunity to “offer a great community and rankings product that people can be excited about.”

He said that the company is doing its best to include all the online poker rooms in New Jersey in its rankings at the earliest possible, adding that the company will be excited to hold PocketFives Leaderboard (PLB) and including more results of online poker tournaments held at New Jersey poker rooms.

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