The online poker portal, which happens to be one of the best sources of tournament details, poker site rankings, and poker news attracting more than 120,000 poker enthusiasts, has launched localized community pages called PocketFives Local. This new facility gives poker players a chance to interact with local poker players and get updated with local poker activity.
Click Here For Sites Still Accepting USA Players has given a local page to each country and each state in the US, and each page provides information regarding latest posts made in the forum, newly registered members, awards won by players, and online and live tournament results. Poker players can use these local pages to get in touch with other players in the locality, keep themselves informed about the latest poker happenings, and talk poker to their hearts’ content with local poker friends. Each location also has a ranking leader board.
Explaining the major features of PocketFives Local, Cal Spears, the cofounder of said, “The central feature of this page is a column displaying updates on players in that location. Any time a player in that location does something noteworthy, such as cash in a live or online tournament or win a new PocketFives badge, we’ll automatically generate a post to this column.”
Majority of the poker players using are from the US; in fact, around 40,000 of the online poker site’s registered users are from the US. However, has a large number of Leaders, Ambassadors, Table Captains, Chip Leaders, and Grinders not only from the US, but also from the rest of the world.
The UK page is also among the biggest local pages has. As far as the US states are concerned, the best action can be viewed on the California local community page. Each local page provides detailed statistics such as number of registered members, total cashes made by all registered members, the largest cash prize won, new members, and much more. has urged its members to check out their local page, which they can do by just going to and hitting the Local tab at the top of the page., which is owned by P5s Holdings LLC, not only provides exhaustive poker information, but also provides tournament training, a complete coaching directory, and an archive comprising poker strategy write-ups, dating back to 2005. The online poker portal does not recommend signing up at online poker rooms offering paid poker games in the US.

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