There was a time when online poker and poker forums were buzzing with excitement and action due to the huge number of its participants. Since Black Friday everything has changed and slowly and gradually the online poker interest light is diminishing from the United States. PocketFives is one of the most popular online poker forums and even then they have decided to cut off all advertising deals with US poker sites and poker market.

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These are the aftermaths of Black Friday which caused many online poker sites a huge damage and loss. Black Friday started off the closure of the most popular poker sites that also served most of the crowd in the United States. Some companies still continued to offer their services even after Black Friday, but they were forced to give up since the Department of Justice shut down another long list of sites. PocketFives is a poker forum and those are moderated, hence seeing that none of these poker sites are paying out their customers what they are supposed to, PocketFives has decided to not promote these sites anymore.

PocketFives has only decided not to target any advertisements catering to US players, but they still will have all the other content related to US sites and details regarding rankings etc will also be there. All players will be able to view this information as well. PocketFives has been taken by its original owners again.

PocketFives has taken up the great responsibility of launching a service that would help American poker pros who want to continue earning through poker and use it as their income to relocate to another country and continue to do so. This would allow these players to still continue living their same lifestyle, and the only adjustment they would need to make is to their location. It is time for the American players to decide whether they want to wait for the government to make a move for them or whether they want to choose between quitting on online poker for a living or adjust with it in a different location. They have to choose between being a professional poker pro and being a professional poker pro on American soil. There are big decisions to be made and PocketFives as a poker forum will do its best to help players make these decisions easily. Most players have already made up their minds and started working towards their decision by either moving out of the country or quitting. For those who have not decided, this forum would be a huge help.

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