Boris Becker captured the hearts of millions across the world and became an overnight sensation when he won Wimbledon in 1985 at just 17 years of age. The German tennis pro would quickly prove that he was no one hit wonder and he would capture the prestigious title on two more occasions and have a long tennis career that had its highs and lows.
Becker – Multiple Talents
While a lot of tennis pros finish their career and fade into oblivion, Becker has continued to be in the spotlight after all these years as he has pursued multiple opportunities which include coaching in tennis, playing poker and being a commentator at times. Becker took on the role of head coach in 2014 to top ranked Novak Djokovic and the partnership brought great rewards to both. He quit his BBC commentary job to pursue the coaching role and the opportunity allowed Becker to use his killer instincts and knowledge of the game to help Djokovic become even better.
Becker also has a passion for playing poker and his accomplishments on the felt have not been too bad. The Hendon Mob puts his poker earnings till date at over $100,000 and Becker has proven that is not intimidated of playing against some of the top ranked poker players in the world. The tennis celebrity is a partypoker brand ambassador after the company decided to bring him on board in 2016.
Partypoker Ambassador
Becker was one of the celebrity brand ambassadors for the company at the recent partypoker MILLIONS which was held at the Dusk Till Dawn Casino in Nottingham.  Becker spends a lot of his time in the UK and partypoker wanted to leverage the tennis ace’s popularity to bring in new players to the partypoker MILLIONS event. Tom Waters who is the group head stated that partypoker was also relying on Becker to help spread the brand in his home country of Germany as the brand has plans of expanding its presence in 2017.
There have been a number of sports stars who play poker as a past time once they wind up their sporting careers. Footballers Ronaldo and Denilson from Brazil, Australia’s cricketing superstar Shane Warne are a few examples of sports personalities who have taken up poker. Becker believes that playing poker keeps his competitive skills alive and also gives him the opportunity of using the mental skills he learnt playing professional tennis at the poker table.
Poker Skills
In a statement, Becker said “A lot has to do with your personality, whether you’re a nervous character or not. I’m not a nervous character and I think that helps. I was never a nervous kid. That doesn’t mean I never had any doubts, of course I did. Everybody does. But I wouldn’t really show it. Once I realized that tennis – very much like poker – is a mind game where you have to control your nerves and emotions, I started to develop that as an art.”
Becker has had some memorable rivalries on the tennis court with the likes of Stefan Edberg and compatriot Michael Stitch which showed people the amount of fight the German had in him. There have been times that the tennis pro has lost his cool on the courts and has had an outburst. However more than 25 years have past since then and the Becker of today is a lot calmer, more sure of himself and has a lot of life experience under his belt.
He taps into all of this experience when playing poker but realizes that at the poker table he is up against opponents who are also masters at keeping their emotions in check, reading their opponents and maintaining a poker face at the table. The 49 year old is not pursuing a full time career in poker as he has a number of business interests that he is currently involved in. This freedom is a plus when playing poker as the amount of pressure on him is a lot less when compared to professional players who make a living based on their tournament winnings.
Balanced Life
Becker states that he is at a stage in life when he has learnt how to prioritize things and realizes that balancing his priorities is critical for him to spend as much time as he can with his four kids and pursue his passions as well.

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