Playboy Poker has announced that it will soon pull down its shutters, adding that Monday would be its last day in existence. The online poker room is shutting down for the second time in its history.

The original Playboy Poker, which was powered by Cryptologic software, pulled down its shutters in 2009. However, Amaya acquired Cryptologic in 2013, revived Playboy Poker, and re-launched it in the market.

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In April, NYX acquired Playboy Poker from Amaya. The online poker room is going to shut down for a second time in its history party because of Amaya’s acquisition of Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars.

Ever since the acquisition of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, Amaya Poker had been focusing on The Rational Group. As a result of this focus, it had decided to sell redundant products and side projects that benefitted its current marketing strategy in no way. Since Cryptologic was one of its redundant products, Amaya sold it to NYX Gaming for $115 million in April.

The new owner NYX decided to close Playboy Poker. The online poker site says: “Playboy Poker is in the process of surrendering its gaming license, all players are advised to withdraw their funds from the site at the earliest convenience.”

Players have been instructed to withdraw their poker funds within 30 days of Playboy Poker’s shut down by sending an email to If players fail to do this, their funds will be forfeited. A site representative said that the poker room is shutting down owing to a “business decision.”

Playboy Poker could have decided to shut down because of technical problems it was in no position of solving. It is not the only online poker room in the world that has made such a decision. Spain’s Casino Gran Madrid has also decided to close its online poker room. The casino says that they will re-launch as soon as they have succeeded in developing a product capable of competing with 888poker and PokerStars.

As for 888poker, it has been having its own technical problems, with several of its players complaining of getting disconnected several times. The operator has attempted to solve this problem by creating functions that enable players to stop tournament clocks, prevent hands from being dealt, and stop active tournaments. The online poker room says that these functions can be used when players get disconnected frequently and tournaments will be paused till the network becomes normal.

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