Open Face Chinese Poker (OFC) has become very popular in the poker community recently, and players can be spotted playing OFC at live tournaments. Now players can play OFC online as Tonybet Poker has become the first international online poker site to include the game in their portfolio.

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Tonybet Poker, one of the most easy-to-navigate and well-designed online poker rooms in the industry, is currently offering three different variants of OFC—the traditional variant, the Turbo Open Face Chinese Poker, and the Pineapple Open Face Chinese Poker. All these variants can be played for real money.

Tonybet Poker also offers an impressive collection of cash poker games with stake levels that range from €0.02 to €1.00 for each unit. Now Tonybet Poker players have something more to get excited about as the online poker room has announced that it will soon start offering Sit ‘N’ Gos and online poker tournaments.

The rules of Open Face Chinese Poker are quite simple and easy to understand. OFC players are challenged to use 13 playing cards to create 3 poker hands—the top poker hand, the bottom poker hand, and the middle poker hand. While the top hand needs to be created with 3 cards, the middle and the bottom hands need to be created with five cards each.

Players should make sure that the bottom hand is stronger than the middle hand in order to qualify. Simultaneously, the middle hand has to be stronger than the top hand. If this does not happen, players will have done something called “foul” according to the rules of OFC, and players should avoid fouling the game at any cost.

OFC has turned out to be one of the most popular games in the Tonybet Poker portfolio, but players seem to love Turbo Open Face Chinese Poker more than the other variants because the game gives an opportunity for great poker action. In the traditional variant of OFC, five cards are dealt initially after which one card is placed at a time. In Turbo OFC, players can place four cards at a time. This not only increases the speed of the game, but also reduces the risk of fouling and gives players the chance to create stronger hands in a shorter period of time.

Table position is also of great importance in Turbo OFC as it gives players a chance to watch their opponents in action before it is their turn to act.