On September 15th PKR.com is launching its biggest ever promotion, which will give away a WSOP seat every week for 33 weeks in a row.

The promotion, called “Road to Vegas,” will feature weekly freerolls with changing qualifying criteria that will award a total of 33 WSOP dream packages for a value of $200,000. Seats will be awarded into many different WSOP events, from the $1,000 events to the $10,000 Main Event, and the prizes will also include an allowance for travel and accommodations. There will be several shots at the Main Event as well as to events in Pot Limit Hold’em and Omaha, Mixed and Limit Hold’em and even the Ladies event and the Heads Up Championship.

PKR.com Marketing Director Simon Prodger is very enthusiastic about this promotion, which will put a WSOP seat within reach of each and every PKR.com player: “This is by far the biggest promotion ever offered by PKR.com and one of the largest World Series promotions in online poker history. Our ‘one a week, every week’ format opens the door for all players and we’d love nothing more than to be celebrating a PKR bracelet winner come next summer.”

Prodger also elaborated on the qualifying criteria:

It will largely depend on the package that’s up for grabs that week. For example, if we’re offering the chance to win a Pot Limit Omaha package, the qualifying criteria for that week will be based around Pot Limit Omaha play and so on. Each week will feature something different, from PKR point races to tournament ranking results, high hand jackpots to community participation. There will also be freerolls to get into the weekly finals so that everyone gets a shot regardless.

Here is a list of the “Road to Vegas” Freerolls and the events they will give a seat for. Remember the freerolls start on September 15 at PKR.com.

  1. $10,000 Main Event 
  2. $5,000 Mixed Hold’em (Lim/No Limit ) 
  3. $5,000 No Limit Hold’em 
  4. $1,500 Six Handed No Limit Hold’em 
  5. $2,000 No Limit Hold’em 
  6. $1,500 No Limit Hold’em 
  7. $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha 
  8. $1,500 Six Handed No Limit Hold’em 
  9. $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha 
  10. $10,000 Main Event 
  11. $2,500 Six Handed No Limit Hold’em 
  12. $5,000 No Limit Hold’em 
  13. $2,000 Limit 
  14. $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha 
  15. $5,000 No Limit Hold’em Shootout 
  16. $5,000 No Limit Hold’em 
  17. $10,000 Pot Limit Hold’em 
  18. $2,500 No Limit Hold’em 
  19. $1,000 Ladies Event 
  20. $2,500 Six Handed No Limit Hold’em 
  21. $10,000 Main Event 
  22. $2,000 Limit 
  23. $1,500 No Limit Hold’em 
  24. $2,000 No Limit Hold’em 
  25. $1,500 Six Handed No Limit Hold’em 
  26. $2,500 Six Handed No Limit Hold’em 
  27. $5,000 No Limit Hold’em Shootout
  28. $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha 
  29. $1,500 No Limit Hold’em 
  30. $10,000 Heads Up Championship 
  31. $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha 
  32. $10,000 Main Event 
  33. $10,000 Main Event
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