Thousands of UK poker players have already begun downloading a real money mobile poker application that PKR recently released.

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In September 2012, PKR rolled out free play mobile blackjack and mobile roulette applications. Now, the company that operates the world’s largest three-dimensional online poker room has launched a real money poker app, much to the delight of mobile poker players all over the world.

The poker gaming company took a lot of time researching its product and eliminating glitches before releasing it into the market. PKR has made absolutely sure that its real money mobile poker app matches the standards of its three-dimensional online poker room. The app has been through a large number of beta versions before being officially released into the market for download.

PKR’s poker apps and its real money mobile roulette apps have always found a place on the App Stores Casino Chart Top 10. Over 400,000 users have already downloaded the company’s real money poker, free play blackjack, and real money roulette applications.

A PKR spokesperson said: “We couldn’t be any more psyched about launching our real money poker on mobile. It really is our “monster hand” and it’s awesome to see so many downloads already. If you’re jetting off on holiday but need to wait around in the airport for three hours before the flight – you can just whip out the iPhone and enter a Sit & Go. That’s probably the coolest thing for us and the app’s only going to get better over time.”

PKR’s latest version of its real money poker app has got 4.5 stars and around 100 user reviews in the App Store. The app works with iPads, iPhone 4, and all iPhone versions rolled out after iPhone 4. The highlights of the app include realistic graphics and visual effects, Texas Hold’em SnGs, Texas Hold’em cash poker games, Pot Limit Omaha and Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo games, in-game chat, 40 three-dimensional avatars, and 20 gambling environments.

PKR has introduced a totally new concept of online poker that has utterly changed the way players play online poker. The desktop poker software features astounding three-dimensional imagery and graphics and a gambling system that can provide a realistic poker gaming experience. The software was developed by some of the best talents in the poker gaming and video games industries. Players curious about the three-dimensional poker gaming experience at PKR can visit right away.

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