The competition in the online poker industry continues to increase with every passing year and PKR has found it increasingly difficult to remain on its own. The online poker website has functioned over close to 10 years as an independent provider but recently made the decision to migrate to the Microgaming Poker Network in an attempt to boost its resources and become a stronger contended in the online poker industry.

PKR becomes the second online poker website to migrate to the Microgaming Poker Network (MPN) in 2016 as earlier this year Grosvenor Casino decided to migrate its online poker offering to the MPN. PKR is a specialist 3D online poker website that has done reasonably well during the last decade considering the fact that it has operated as a standalone website.

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The online poker industry is currently dominated by the likes of PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Smaller websites like TonyBet Poker who used to specialize in only OFC offerings have been forced to change its strategy and add mainstream poker versions to its offerings in order to stay competitive in the industry.

Now PKR has finally made the decision to switch over as the management has confirmed that on its own the site has only managed to survive in the market but they were looking to go to the next level. PKR believes that by migrating to the MPN the websites players, staff and investors will be able to go to the next level.

Dan O’Callaghan who has been associated with PKR for a number of years was excited with the new move and stated that the company might have finally found a way of making new skins and becoming a prominent player in the iPoker industry.

In a statement, O’Callaghan “I think it’s an indicator of the choke hold PokerStars has over the industry, but it’s a pretty good move for everyone involved. Money attracts money. Even though lots of people have lost a bit of faith in Stars, with factors such as their switch to Bounty tournaments (which help the recreational player make small cashes which will, in turn, be reinvested and re-raked most of the time), and the new VIP changes, they have to play there because it’s the only place to get a session going 24/7.

PKR will still stick to its flagship 3 online poker offering and its biggest challenge will be to continue to hold on to its strong online poker player database after migrating to MPN.

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