Looking to capitalize on the success of last year’s inaugural Super Series, online poker room PKR.com is ready to bring back its young tournament series for another run.Beginning June 18, the Super Series will consist of 14 events, culminating with the $100,000 guaranteed “Deep Stack Masters.”

One very nice thing about the Super Series, compared to other poker rooms’ tournament series, is that it features events with relatively low buy-ins, so there is something for everyone.The Super Series is Hold’em-centric, with only one non-Hold’em event (Omaha.)There is a nice variety of tournaments within that one game, however, with bounty tournaments, deep stack tournaments, and PKR’s special “Terminator” tournaments.

The fun doesn’t stop with the “Deep Stack Masters,” though.The final two events of the Series are actually freerolls.The first is a “Thank You Freeroll,” in which the top 50 finishers in each of the previous 12 events will compete for a $5,000 prize pool.The second is the “Tournament of Champions,” which will see the 12 event winners and those atop the leader board go at it.

All of the final tables in the Super Series will be televised on UK TV channels Sky TV 842 and Hollywood TV 157.

The complete schedule for PKR.com’s Super Series is presented below.


Wednesday 18 June  Team PKR Bounty 19:00 $30 
Thursday 19 June  Deep & Steep 19:00 $25
Friday 20 June  PL Hold’em 19:00 $30
Saturday 21 June Deep Stack (6-seater) 19:00 $75
Sunday 22 June NL Hold’em  19:00 $65
Monday 23 June Limit Hold’em  19:00 $20 
Tuesday 24 June PL Omaha  19:00 $25
Wednesday 25 June  Terminator Two (plus bounties) 19:00 $20
Thursday 26 June NL H Hold’em Speed  19:00 $15
Friday 27 June Terminator 19:00 $40
Saturday 28 June NL Hold’em Deep Stack Masters  19:00 $250
Sunday 29 June NL Hold’em 6-seater 19:00 $50
Thursday 3 July Freeroll 19:00 $0
Sunday 6 July Tournament of Champions 15:00 $0


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