There have been a number of outrageous prop bets within the poker community this year most notably by the likes of Dan Bilzerian, Bill Perkins and Antoino Esfandiari. The 73 year old Pierre Neuville wasn’t really sure what a prop bet was all about but now that he has done his research, he wants to get into the act as well.

The Belgium poker pro who made it to the final table of the 2015 World Series of Poker has set himself a goal of making it into the top 50 ranking of the Global Poker Index (GPI) before 30 June 2017. Neuville who has won close to $4 million in live poker tournament earnings is currently ranked 119th on the GPI.

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Neuville is currently taking part in the 2016 WSOP and has already had a cashout after finishing in second place at event 10 which was the $1,500 No Limit Hold’em 6-Handed which brought him $213,837 in prize money. The poker pro has had a great run during the last 18 months and is confident that he can continue his momentum into 2017.

Neuville has decided to create a new bank account for this special open prop bet and has stated that if he does not make it into the top 50 rankings of the GPI within the set deadline; he will refund double the amount to those individuals who have placed bet. A number of people have already sent in their bets, albeit in small amounts such as €10 and €25. Neuville stated that the new account will help him to keep track of the bets he receives and make it easy for him to pay them back double, should he not be able to hit his goal.

In a statement, Neuville said “I made the challenge to myself, even without the bets, because I feel like I shouldn’t have won the lifetime achievement award from the Global Poker Index. The best thing of the prop bet is that it provides an additional stimulus. If I reach $50,000 for the prop bet, I will be a warrior at the table. You can’t get me out of any tournament then!”

Neuville has set himself a goal of playing as many EPT and WPT’s in Europe as possible and is even considering making a trip to Macau since he has never been there. He plans on resting 50 percent of the time and playing the remaining 50 percent.

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