Matt Savage is considered to be one of the best poker tournament directors in the history of the game as he has been in charge of a number of premier poker tournaments such as the World Series of Poker, the World Poker Tour and the Poker Dome Challenge. Savage has been selected  one of the ten nominees for the 2016 Poker Hall of Fame.

Savage has spent the last two decades as tournament director for a number of popular and televised poker events but what many might not know was that he first started out as a poker player. He never really made it big on the poker circuit because he found that his passion and interest in the game of poker was more in terms of structuring the game and establishing standards for the global poker industry. Savage along with David Lamb, Linda Johnson and Jan Fisher in 2001 founded the Tournament Directors Association, an establishment that worked to set poker tournament rules across the world.

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Since then Savage has worked tireless over the last 20 years to run some of the most successful poker tournaments in the world. He was the poker director during the 2003 WSOP that Chris Moneymaker won and which analysts believe was a catalyst in marketing the game of poker across the world. Ironically Moneymaker who is also one of the nominees for the 2016 PHOF has received criticism for being nominated as a number of poker players believe that he hasn’t done enough to be a part of the PHOF, since only two of the nominees will be inducted into the PHOF. Moneymaker stated that if he had to nominate two people into the PHOF, he would choose Matt Savage as one of them.

In a statement, Savage who has been nominated for the second consecutive year into the PHOF said “I really would love to get in and leave a legacy for my son and my family, because in the end, that’s what all this is for, for my son and my wife, for my family. I think it’s important to have a legacy. It will mean all the work and all the time I’ve spent doing this has been about more than just a paycheck. Getting in the Hall of Fame says I’ve made an impact over the last 20 years, so hopefully I will get in someday.”

Savage is very active on social media and continues to give advice on the poker industry.

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